Audrey Hepburn és legstílusosabb szettjei

Audrey Hepburnre máig úgy emlékezünk, mint a világ egyik leggyönyörűbb, legkifinomultabb és legstílusosabb nőjére. Összegyűjtöttünk néhányat azok közül a legendás ruha-összeállításai közül, amiket annyira szeretünk, és amelyeket ma is bátran felvehetnénk.

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▪ I'd like to share this little part from an interview by Cameron Crowe with Billy Wilder (the director of Sabrina) with you, because I loved this interview: . CROWE: I once heard this advice: When directing a romance, or a romantic comedy, a director must fall in love with his leading lady through the lens. “If you don’t, no one else will.“ How did it feel to direct Audrey Hepburn [who starred for Wilder in Sabrina and 1957’s 'Love in the Afternoon']? Did you fall in love with her, through the lens? . WILDER: Of course. There was so much inside her, a feeling that communicated. But was she “sexy”? Off-camera, she was just an actress. She was very thin, a good person. Sometimes standing on the set she disappeared. But there was something very likable about her. You trusted her, this tiny person. When she stood before the cameras, she became Miss Audrey Hepburn. And she could put it on a little bit, the sexiness, and the effect was really something. For instance, in Sabrina, when she came back from Paris with the dress. There was gold in that picture. . . . . CROWE: Every year, it seems, somebody is heralded as the new Audrey Hepburn. Every new young actress is called the “next” Audrey Hepburn. . WILDER: Again, that’s the element X that people have, or don’t have. You can meet somebody and you can be enchanted, and then you photograph them and it’s nothing. But she had it. And there will not be another. Today, there is Julia Roberts. She is quite capable, very funny. . . . I loved her instantly in Pretty Woman. But no actress should be expected to be Audrey Hepburn. That dress by Mr. Givenchy has already been filled. . If you want to read more, just use the link to the interview in my bio! 💕 || Audrey as Sabrina photographed for the promotion of 'Sabrina' (1954). ▪ #audreyhepburn #hepburn #audreyhepburnstyle #oldhollywood #oldfashion #classicmovie #classichollywood #classic #classicfashion #vintage #vintagestyle #retro #retrostyle #style #film #vintagehollywood #vintagefashion #50s #fifties #60s #sixties #goldenage #breakfastatTiffanys #ОдриХепберн #오드리햅번

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